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Founded in 1995, GSI Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of SRAM semiconductor memory solutions. GSI's newest products leverage its market-leading SRAM technology. The Company recently launched radiation-hardened memory products for extreme environments and the Gemini® APU, a compute-in-memory associative processing unit designed to deliver performance advantages for diverse AI applications.
The Gemini APU's architecture features parallel data processing with two million-bit processors per chip. The massive in-memory processing reduces computation time from minutes to milliseconds, even nanoseconds, while significantly reducing power consumption in a scalable format. Gemini excels at large (billion item) database search applications like facial recognition, drug discovery, Elasticsearch, and object detection. Gemini is ideal for edge applications with a smaller footprint and lower power consumption, where rapid, accurate responses are critical.
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, GSI Technology has 158 employees and over 120 granted patents.